Designation:   Consultant Molecular and Human Geneticist
Specialization:   Ph.D (Human Molecular Genetics)
Work Experience :   8 years
Area of Interest :   Hematology, Hemato-oncology, Oncology
Dr. Tridip Chatterjee, is an enthusiastic researcher in the field of Human Molecular Genetics and is actively involved in research in the field of Human Molecular Genetics for last 8 years. During this time he had walked in the different avenues specially related to hemoglobinopathies including thalassaemias (Beta, E-beta). He had published several papers in international peer-reviewed journals of high standard. Not only the hematology, but also he is very much interested in oncology including cellular & molecular aspect of different cancers.

Presently he is in the Editorial Board of 5 International Journals and actively functioning as reviewer of more than 10 International Journals.

Dr. Chatterjee's interest includes the genomics and proteomics aspect of hemoglobinopathies including thalassaemias, oncology en-comprising cancer molecular & cellular pathology keeping PCR, Real Time PCR and sequencing including Next Generation Sequencing as platform technologies.