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The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognizes immunophenotyping as one of the basic tenets of its Classification system of Haematolymphoid neoplasias. Flow cytometry is a powerful, rapid and convenient technique for the immunophenotypic identification as well as monitoring of many hematopoietic neoplasms.

The technique analyzes the physical and chemical characteristics of particles in a fluid as it passes through at least one laser. Cell components are fluorescently labeled and then excited by the laser to emit light at varying wavelengths. It is routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders, especially blood cancers.

  • We have immunosuppression panel CD 3 / CD 4 / CD 8.
  • Acute Leukaemia Basic Panel is designed to identify most cases of AML, BCP-ALL, T-ALL & Mixed phenotype acute leukemias (MPAL).
  • Highly specialized Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disease (CLPD) Basic Panel is available for diagnostic screening of CLPDs and specific identification, wherever possible, of the common subtypes of CLPDs.
  • Latest myeloma panels and kappa & lambda panels available in our labs.
  • Chronic Lymphoproliferative disease (CLPD) Extended Panel is aimed at detecting some of the uncommon variants of CLPDS like Hairy Cell Leukemia, NK-CLPDs, etc.
  • Performance by novel dual laser, four colour, six parameter Flow Cytometer with digital post-acquisition compensation facility from BD Biosciences, USA.
  • Personalized interaction with referring physician in exigent situations.