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The concept of personalized medicine in oncology has led to the development of different diagnostic tests to detect genomic alterations which can be targeted by therapeutic molecules. Apart from the molecular approaches, Immunohistochemistry IHC is an important aid to reach a definite diagnosis negating the subjective variations and make way to start personalized therapeutic approach. IHC refers to the process of detecting specific antigens in tissue section or smears. Its principle is based on the affinity of an antibody towards its specific antigen.


Suraksha uses IHC for the following purposes:

  • To determine the sub-type of cancer and subsequent personalized drug selection
  • To identify carcinoma or sarcoma or lymphoma or mixed tumours like carcinosarcoma or adeno-squamous carcinoma etc.
  • Can decide with confidence the origin of a tumour (primary or metastatic) even in undifferentiated type.
  • In identifying Carcinoid (Neuroendocrine) tumors
  • Crucial in clinical management of breast cancer (ER, Ki67), Malignant melanoma (VEGF), Head and neck cancer (p63) etc.
  • IHC can diagnose any Hematolymphoid proliferation accurately which is mandatory for treatment regime selection
  • Monitoring progress of cancer (Predictive and Prognosis)
  • Reporting doctors are available to clear your doubts.
  • Apart from individual IHC marker, a variety of IHC panels are offered - Confirmatory Diagnosis 1 (upto 5 marker), Confirmatory Diagnosis 2(6 & above marker), Any 3 Marker Organ Specific, Cell block with Confirmatory Diagnosis (upto 6 marker), Breast Cancer Comprehensive Panel (ER, PR, HER2), Breast Cancer Extended Panel (ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67) etc.