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Histopathology is the microscopic examination of biological tissues obtained from biopsy and processed to observe the appearance of diseased cells and tissues in very fine detail. It plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of malignancies. Suraksha provides the most possible advanced technologies and an excellent team of Pathologists and skilled technicians to achieve accurate and reliable diagnosis in the field of histopathology.


  • Automated tissue processor used to derive tissue cassettes.
  • Wide range of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) markers to detect cancers.
  • Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA) at all possible levels of medical investigation.
  • Time required for report delivery may vary according to tests.
  • Report generation status is notified to you through SMS alerts.
  • Reporting doctors are available to clear your doubts.
  • Report Delivery: Report can be downloaded from website. Hard copy can be obtained from reception. Home delivery is also available.