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Magnetic resonance imaging uses high magnetic field and radio waves to creat images of the tissues, organs and structures inside the body.

You may be asked to keep solid food fasting for a couple of hours before the test and change into a gown during the test. A patient with metallic implants in the body such as coronary artery stent, pacemaker, ICD or a metal heart valve, artificial limbs, dental work, braces, cochlear implant, cosmetic metal implants like in ears, tattooed, eyeliner, intrauterine device ( in case of female patients) is not allowed to undergo MRI. Sometime a contrast medium (Gadolinium) is injected intravenously to improve the diagnostic accuracy of the scan. It increases the visibility of inflammation, a tumour or growth, blood vessels, cardiac muscle scarring and assesses the blood flow to the organs such as brain & heart.

  • Kolkata’s first 1.5T Silent MRI- reduces the noise up to 97% and the need for sedation.
  • The use of intravenous contrast medium provides better resolution.
  • Prostate and Breast MRI to detect cancer, breast coils are used.
  • Urography or intravenous pyelogram is conducted.
  • Report delivered on the same day or after 1 day, depending on the test.
  • Report generation status is notified to you through SMS alerts.
  • Report Delivery: Report can be printed from website. Hard copy can be obtained from reception. Home delivery is also available.