Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd Inks JV with Cluegenix- Introduces AI Enabled Smart Lab
Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd (SDPL), a centre of innovation, is today one of the trusted names in the healthcare industry with its unmatched international standards. The only Lab in Eastern India with the prestigious CAP(College of American Pathology) accreditation. It is known for pioneering the introduction of latest technologies as well as leading the academic challenge by setting up the only R&D facilities for Clinical work in the field of Genomics. Serving for almost three decades through its 41 centres all over the country is now proud to possess almost every possible diagnostic technology.The only Pathological Lab in Eastern India to have a NGS, LC-MS/MS, FISH, ICP capabilities, with more than 4000 tests enlisted in the scope.

Suraksha now partners with Clugenix a San Francisco based biotech company, led by Dr. Joydeep Mukherjee (a globally recognized, multiple award-winning researcher in oncology and infectious diseases genomics in Toronto and UCSF) focused on making translational genomics technologies accessible globally to the Indian population. Cluegenix will make available to Suraksha the latest developments in Molecular Biology. More importantly together they will work to set up the protocols for the Indian population in genomics. A lot of this research being done in house, will help to reduce the cost of these expensive tests considerably. Together we will be launching to design the Next Gen Sequencing panel for Breast Cancer for Indian women as our first Research Project out of this JV. This initiative once again confirms Suraksha’s commitment to accelerate the deployment of highly innovative as well as affordable molecular diagnostic solutions to India’s patient population.

APTIO Introduction- The First AI Enabled Smart Lab
Today the whole world is moving forward to the notion of Artificial Intelligence, performed by advanced Robotics to reduce error, human contamination and have very fast throughputs, necessary for the functioning of a large lab.

Suraksha has come up with 'Aptio' automation, the robotic track (track-based automation solution), as a unified and complete solution to its expanding need. The track is completely AI enabled and runs without human interference. It allows to provide the best therapeutic turnaround time in the industry. In an emergency can churn out a report in less than a minute. It allows the Task Targeted Automation by hugely reducing errors. The entire system is One flow One Touch.

For the first time we have laid a track that can do Biochemistry & Haematology at the same time.“Aptio” connects numbers of diagnostic analysers even of different principles or discipline (HEMATOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, IMMUNOASSAY). Its automated sample loading and handling (tube sorting, offloading) feature helps lab staffs to from time-consuming, low-value tasks. Staffs are also spared from segregating different types of samples (EDTA whole blood, serum, urine), one from each other. The track also reduces pre-analytical errors by detecting any mismatch between test request and tube type, identifies problem samples (e.g., misread bar code, missing work order) and draws attention of the operator. It has established interfaces to analyzers enabling faster routine and specialty testing. Simultaneous STAT and routine testing on a single track with optional front-loading for urgent or low volume samples to instruments enables lab supervisors to deal with critical deadlines in a very user-friendly way. Centralized control from single location and quick access to samples with specimen tracking, easy retrieval of requested samples are some of the other features which truly transforms the laboratory into a “Smart, ultra modern, clinical laboratory”.

Going ahead
The aim has always been to be ahead of the curve. By setting up of the completely automated Robotic Lab, today Suraksha can claim to be one of the very few WORLD CLASS LABS in SE Asia.

With the vision of becoming the first-choice diagnostic among people in Eastern India for both routine and specialized tests, Suraksha has not only focused on best technology but simultaneously on affordability .The biggest challenge of ours today is Cancer. The only way to fight this will be through Molecular Biology.The science of Genomics will provide us with the only solutions. To make a significant contribution to this, we have made this JV with Cluegenix to devise Indian protocols for these malignancies. A significant sum of Rs 4 crores have been assigned by the BOD for the first year of R&D on this.

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