Dr. Priyanka Patra
Designation :   Consultant Clinical Geneticist & Genetic Counselor
From :   Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute,Bangalore
Specialization :   MBBS, MD (Biochemistry), Cert. in Clinical Genetics, Cert. in Foetal Medicine
Work Experience :   1 year (Post MD)
Areas of Interest :   Prenatal screening for Genetic Diseases ( Invasive & Non Invasive), Inborn errors of metabolism,Preimplantation genetic screening test, carrier screening test, Clinical exome & whole genome sequencing tests.
Dr. Priyanka has certificate degree in both Clinical Genetics and Foetal Medicine from Institute of Genetics & Hospital For Genetic Disease under Osmania University,Hyderabad.She is especially skilled in interpretation & reporting of different autosomal dominant & recessive, x-linked dominant & recessive,mitochondrial inherited genetic diseases.She is experienced in clinical applications & technical aspect of Electrophoresis, Chromatography,Spectrophotometer,ELISA,HPLC, RealTime PCR, NGS etc.However she holds special interest in Prenatal screening for Genetic Diseases ( Invasive & Non Invasive), Inborn errors of metabolism, Preimplantation genetic screening test,Carrier screening test, Clinical exome sequening & Whole genome sequencing tests.

Dr. Priyanka is a trained NABL internal auditor.She maintains utmost quality in testing & reporting each & every test.She has many publications in different national & international journals.Currently she is working on " carrier screening test for detection of Autosomal Recessive disease in consanguineous couples by next generation sequencing test".She has attended several CMEs, workshops, symposiums in different parts of India.She is a life member of AMBI, AMBKC, ISHG, IAMG etc.