Designation:   Consultant Pathologist
From:   IPGMER, Kolkata
Specialization:   MBBS, MD (Path)
Work Experience :   9 years
Area of Interest :   Histopathology, Cytopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Bone Marrow and other Hematology, Clinical Pathology
He is an experienced Consultant Pathologist with over 6 yrs of experience in the city. He has been heading the department of Histo-Cytopathology and was instrumental in taking it successfully through the CAP accreditation. An alumnus of IPGMER, Kolkata, he is a workhorse with commendable proficiency in the subject. He is also adept at FNACs and critical procedures like tru-cut biopsies, bone marrow trephine biopsies etc.